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Hispanos Unidos Supports Repeal Of Driver License Law for Undocumented Immigrants PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hispanos Unidos
Tuesday, 13 September 2011 21:57
Hispanos Unidos believes the issue of driver licenses is not a partisan or racial issue. It is simply a legal national security issue.Mesilla Park, NM - Hispanos Unidos, a non-partisan New Mexican grassroots organization, endorses the repeal of the present law allowing undocumented immigrants to get New Mexico Drivers’ Licenses. As a country of rule by law, we need to live by the rules of our nation and issuing legal identification to undocumented immigrants no longer makes sense. Instead of reducing uninsured motorists, New Mexico has become a beacon for those seeking to get legal identification to further their illegal goals.

“As Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez said recently: ‘this is not a Democrat versus Republican issue, it is not an issue based on race. Even though I am a proud American first and foremost, I am Hispanic, and make no mistake about it: it has nothing to do with race, it has to do with following the law’”, said Victor Contreras, Chairman of Hispanos Unidos. Hispanos Unidos believes the issue of driver licenses is not a partisan or racial issue. It is simply a legal national security issue.

“The present drivers’ license system is an issue of national security - clean, pure and simple. I also strongly believe that to have integrity in our voting system, the driver license law for foreign nationals must be repealed”, said Mr. Contreras.  “Many Hispanics are law-abiding, God-fearing patriots who love this country. To say a repeal of this flawed law is ‘Anti-Hispanic’ is a slap on the face to those honest, hard-working people.”

In the past, the idea of facilitating drivers’ licenses to foreigners was based on public safety and insurance coverage concerns. Neither was ever true. Safety levels remain the same, and we still have the highest rate of uninsured drivers of any state save one.

Hispanos Unidos is a non-partisan political action committee dedicated to election reform and fighting corruption in New Mexico. For more information, go to loshispanosunidos.org.
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Op-Ed: Voter Fraud: New Mexico Public Wants The Truth PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hispanos Unidos
Tuesday, 05 July 2011 17:26

When New Mexicans read that Secretary of State Dianna Duran had turned over 64,000 cases to Public Safety Director Gordon Eden to investigate for fraud, people cheered.
I have been asked numerous times since the news of the investigation broke, "Who are the people criticizing this?"

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Real Election Reform Is What People Want PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hispanos Unidos
Saturday, 16 April 2011 18:58

The op-ed written by Robert Stearns and Paul Stokes (in the April 11 Journal) was disturbing. The men are as confounded as our lawmakers regarding the issue of election reform in New Mexico.

The one thing I do agree with the gentlemen on is that this has become a partisan issue. That is sad, and should be embarrassing to the Democrats who have controlled our House and Senate for nearly 80 years. Why are they so afraid of a checks-and-balances system that would bar fraud from our elections? One can only wonder if they are concerned that their power would wane upon such an occurrence.

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Message from the Chairman 3/5/2011 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hispanos Unidos
Tuesday, 08 March 2011 17:08

Dear Rep. Nunez,

Thank you for your exemplary behavior on the NM House floor. Your actions merit recognition in the annuals of the New Mexico State Legislature. You have transcended personal and party politics to truly represent the interests of We The People, all New Mexicans. All who voted to pass this bill did the honorable thing: they listened the wishes of over 70% of the electorate.
You have made history. Now your constituents look to you to act upon the desire of more than 80% of our people in N.M. 
We implore you to work to pass legislation for photo ID at the polls. Both House Bill 308 (tabled in Voters and Elections) and HB 577 (not yet heard in committee) call for giving a free photo ID to any New Mexican who doesn't have one and can’t afford one.  As you know, Representative, any person in New Mexico who doesn’t have a photo ID is shut out of society at every level. The poor may not even apply for relief from hunger or homelessness without photo identification.
We believe citizens should have to positively identify themselves before they are allowed to cast a ballot.  If our state government is incapable of ministering to the poorest among us, and is unwilling to provide fair and free elections, they have grossly abused their privilege of power.
I hope you will join us as we continue to call for photo ID requirements to vote.  You are an honorable man, and your community in Dona Ana County is proud to call you our Representative.
Best regards,

Victor S. Contreras Jr., Chairman
Mesilla, New Mexico

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What Are They So Afraid Of? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hispanos Unidos
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 04:44



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